Day 1 – Finding Inspiration every day

New Orleans Skyline

At the Pictage PartnerCon 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the talented and lovely Tasra Dawson. My friend Gustavo introduced me to her as though I should know who she is – which made me wonder why I didn’t already. Later, she led one of the workshops I attended and I realized I wanted to know more about her and her work. By the end of the conference, after her beautiful daughter ended our week by singing a song she wrote acapella in front of us all, I was in awe of this lady and her family.

A few days later, I started following Tasra on Twitter and discovered her blog, .  The concept is simple and extraordinary:  Take 3 actions daily… for one year to improve her photography 300%.  The actions:

  • Take at least 1 photo every day.
  • Read at least 1 page in my camera manual every day.
  • View other professional images every day.

I’ve been reading it each day for the last week or so, inspired and looking forward to the next day then I woke up yesterday thinking… why am I not joining her? Why I am not working towards improving my photography 300%?

So, here’s Day 1 of my own personal 365 to improve 300%.

1. The photograph above is of my beloved New Orleans skyline. I love this city. Especially right before it rains.

Taken with my Canon 50D. 65mm – 1/160 sec at f5.6.

2.  page 71: Setting the white balance.

3. Will Jacks – so talented and right here in my neighborhood. AWESOME:


~ by amyjett on 11/16/2009.

One Response to “Day 1 – Finding Inspiration every day”

  1. I’m keeping an eye on you! I applaud your drive and aspirations! Hopefully I may learn a thing or 2. Miss you and can’t wait for more!

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