A new year, a new day, a new theme and finally… a new post!

and… SCENE.

oh hi. welcome back. i say that mostly to myself… !

so, where to start? obviously, my grandmother’s death really impacted me.  i was lucky enough to be able to go home for her service and to spend time with my family. it was wonderful and sad and even inspiring! when i returned to NOLA the next week, i thought about my new little blog that had just started,  but i just couldn’t bring myself to post anything. it took a little while for my creativity to return and also for me to say what i need to say clearly (yes @johncmayer, i know. but it doesn’t always happen like that).

since that time though, there’s been a lot happening and many photos taken! Thanksgiving… Christmas (home again! yay!)… the Saints won the Super Bowl!… Mardi Gras… St. Patrick’s Day… and all of those regular life things in between.  i also bought a Canon G11 and have been playing with the HD video capabilities. JT is buiilding a new natural gas powered car, which is a whole other project to talk about another day. i’ve made some new friends who will probably show up here along the way. Andy has left us for 6 months to walk the Appalachian trail, and yes, i miss him. especially on Friday nights around 11pm. it was a cold winter, but spring is finally upon us and i am looking forward to dragging my “tribe” out into the Quarter so they can be my models and muses.

anywho… i have decided that the 365 daily photo thing isn’t for me right now. maybe i’ll get back into later but i have a lot of other creative stuff going on right now and i think i want to be a little more freeflowing – less structured. so, still gonna post images OF COURSE. still gonna link to inspirations (so many out there!). and still gonna read my manual(s) but maybe i won’t tell you what I learn, I’ll just show you when it’s cool. 🙂 i am also playing a lot more with my iphone camera these days so I’ll start getting that coolness posted too.

yeah… happy to be back, even if it’s just writing and talking to myself. ha!



~ by amyjett on 03/25/2010.

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