glad you’re back, Zack…

I was in Flanagan’s one night a few years back, chatting with Andy about photos and wedding and stupid stuff when this kid down at the other end of the bar says something like “you’re a photographer? i’m really interested in photography and want to learn more. do you ever have interns or assistants?”.
well, of course i wanted to drink with him first but after a while i discovered this kid was pretty ok and asked him to come along for a ride to Thibodeaux wedding. He shot some lovely pics that night, was very professional and I was quite pleased.

He recently blogged with some of his favorites from that 2008 (!) wedding: Zack Delaune

But then life happened and Zack & I didn’t cross paths for a while. sadness. until a few months ago we met again (In Flanagan’s of course) and I asked him if he was available for a wedding in March that I was shooting for some close friends… and he said yes! yay!

Now I look forward to seeing his blog sometime in the next few weeks with his faves from Will & Bea’s wedding. I am trying to convince him that we should do a post production comparison (his photos, 2 production) but he is being a little shy about it right now. heh.

Anyway, Zack is great and has an excellent eye and I am hoping he’ll continue to be my second shooter for a long time to come… and should you book me for your wedding and want a second shooter, just ask me to book Zack! Hopefully he’ll do it!!

And last, but not least, here’s my personal favorite photo that Zack took on Saturday of Will:

Wedding Day

Cool, right? It’s so Will!



~ by amyjett on 03/31/2010.

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