This makes me so angry. We all need to band together to stop unacceptable public behavior and bullying. So many of us just let the rude people get away with it because we don’t want to cause trouble or stir up a scene… but it’s gotten to the point where rude is winning. And ruining the good time of a young innocent girl along the way.
Only WE can make this stop. Only WE can hold people responsible for their public actions. Only WE can change the world.


Thursday marked the end of a countdown my daughter started on January 6: Muses.

Each night, after she listed her daily gratitudes and wrote in her diary, she would find the countdown calender drawn on pink paper and dressed in white, silver, purple, and red glitter. With her very special pen, she would carefully cross off one more day, informing me of  the new countdown as she called out wishes of sweet dreams. As the countdown slimmed from a month, to a week, and then to days, her excitement grew.

“I don’t know if I should wear a costume this year or not, Mama,” she contemplated in the middle of a lesson on polygons for her sixth grade math class.

“Mama. do you think I will get a shoe?”

“What do you think the floats will look like?”

“Which book should I bring with me to read while we wait?”

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~ by amyjett on 02/23/2012.

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  1. On behalf of NOLAFemmes, thank you for reposting Amy’s story!

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